Bitcoin ATM Locations in Arizona

Find the most convenient Bitcoin ATM Locations in Arizona where you can buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and securely. Our ATMs are strategically located to ensure easy access and provide a seamless cryptocurrency experience.


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Find The Nearest Cointime Bitcoin ATM Locations in Arizona Now

Explore our extensive network of Bitcoin ATMs across Arizona in locations such as Phoenix, Avondale, Casa Grande, Tucson, Laveen Village, Peoria, or any other city.

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Why Choose Cointime Bitcoin ATMs?

At CoinTime ATM, we accommodate larger transactions with generous daily and per-transaction limits. Here’s why you should choose us:


Effortless Bitcoin Purchases

Acquiring Bitcoin has never been simpler. Visit any of our ATMs in Arizona, insert your cash, and instantly receive Bitcoin in your wallet.


Convenient Locations

With numerous ATMs throughout Arizona, you can easily find one that fits seamlessly into your daily routine.


Immediate Transactions

Our ATMs process transactions on the spot. Say goodbye to waiting hours for your Bitcoin purchase to go through.


High Daily Purchase Limits

Our ATMs support high daily purchase limits, allowing you to buy up to $50,000 worth of Bitcoin whenever you need it.


Minimal Requirements

Using our ATMs is easy. For small purchases, all you need is your phone number and Bitcoin address—no extensive paperwork or bank accounts required.


24/7 Availability

Many of our ATMs operate 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to buy Bitcoin whenever it’s convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, locate a CoinTime ATM near you using their website or a Bitcoin ATM locator.

When you arrive at the ATM, select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase, such as Bitcoin.

You will need to scan your wallet QR code where you want the Bitcoin to be sent.

Insert the cash equivalent of the amount you wish to purchase.

Confirm the transaction and wait for the receipt and confirmation on your wallet.

Here is a more-detailed step-by-step guide:

Most CoinTime ATMs in Arizona typically operate 24/7, providing convenient access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at any time.

However, it’s essential to check the specific location’s hours, as they may vary depending on the host business’s operating hours.

Yes, CoinTime has an extensive network of Bitcoin ATMs across Arizona.

You can find them in various locations including asa Grande, Tucson, Laveen Village, Peoria, and many other cities.

To buy Bitcoin in Arizona, locate a CoinTime Bitcoin ATM in cities such as Phoenix, Avondale, Casa Grande, Tucson, Laveen Village, or Peoria.

Follow the instructions on the ATM to select Bitcoin, scan your wallet QR code, insert cash, and confirm the transaction.

The Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet once the transaction is confirmed.

Yes, CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs charge a fee for transactions, typically a percentage of the transaction amount.

The fee varies by location and is displayed before you confirm the transaction.

CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs in Arizona must comply with state and federal regulations, including AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.

Once a transaction is confirmed, it typically cannot be canceled due to the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions.

Ensure all details are correct before confirming your transaction.

Users generally need to be at least 18 years old to use CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs.

ID verification steps will enforce this age restriction if required by the machine.

In Arizona, Bitcoin is not subject to restrictive legislation, allowing you to buy, sell, and transact with cryptocurrency without any state-level regulations.