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CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs allow you to purchase bitcoin with cash and receive it instantly shortly after purchase at our Bitcoin ATM in Fremont, California. To find a Bitcoin ATM in Fremont, California, use our interactive Bitcoin ATM Map below by entering your location or zip code.


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Valero Gas Station Mowry Ave

  • 4004 Mowry Ave
    Fremont, California, 94538, United States

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Why Purchase Bitcoin Using CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs in Fremont?

The CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs in Fremont, located at two key locations, offer a user-friendly design and secure transactions. This setup ensures quick processing times and low fees, enhancing the digital currency experience for users. Here are some compelling reasons to use our Bitcoin ATMs:


Convenient Locations

Our ATMs are strategically placed in easily accessible areas, making it simple to buy Bitcoin wherever you are in Fremont.


User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive design of our ATMs ensures that both beginners and experienced users can navigate the process effortlessly.


Secure Transactions

With advanced encryption and compliance with regulatory standards, your transactions are safe and protected from fraud.


Quick Processing

Transactions are completed within minutes, allowing you to receive your Bitcoin almost instantly.


Low Fees

Competitive fees make it cost-effective to purchase Bitcoin without incurring high charges.


24/7 Availability

Our ATMs are available round-the-clock, providing flexibility to buy Bitcoin anytime.

How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

Wallet front view

01. Create a Wallet

If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, download a trusted wallet to store your Bitcoin from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Secured front view

02. Sign up & verify

Sign up at one of our CoinTime ATMs using your phone number.

Flying Coins front view

03. Insert Cash

Enter your wallet address and insert cash into the ATM.

Bitcoin front view

04. We send coins

Once the transaction is complete, your crypto will hit your wallet within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can send $10,000 through a CoinTime Bitcoin ATM in Fremont, as our ATMs offer high transaction limits of up to $50,000 daily.

For larger transactions, contacting customer support for assistance is recommended.

Yes, most Bitcoin ATMs, including CoinTime machines in Fremont, require ID for transactions.

This is part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure security.

The level of ID verification may vary depending on the transaction amount and specific ATM.

Yes, you can use a CoinTime Bitcoin ATM to get cash in Fremont.

Follow the on-screen instructions to sell your Bitcoin, and the machine will dispense the equivalent amount in cash.

Ensure you have enough Bitcoin in your digital wallet for the transaction.

To send bitcoins with cash at a CoinTime Bitcoin ATM in Fremont, first purchase Bitcoin using cash at the ATM.

Select the buy option, scan your wallet QR code, and insert the cash.

Once the Bitcoin is in your wallet, you can send it to the recipient’s wallet address using your digital wallet application.

Yes, CoinTime Bitcoin ATMs in Fremont are designed to be secure.

They do not store or ask for your private keys, and you maintain full custody and control of your cryptocurrency.

Additionally, they have measures in place to ensure the integrity of transactions and protect against potential scams.